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Fun Facts About EYES: Answers

  1. Who invented bifocal lenses? __Ben Franklin______________
  2. Which is bigger, ostrich’s eyes or its brain? __Eyes_____________________
  3. What percentage of what we learn is through our eyes? __50%______________________
  4. What % of our blink rate decrease, when we use a digital device? __66% -Computer use for long hours has been linked to dry eye disease.________________
  5. What organism has the largest eyes in the world? __Giant Squid has the largest eyes: 10.6” across. Human eye is about 1” across._____________
  6. What is a life span of each of our eyelashes? __5 Months________________
  7. What causes the “red eye” effect in photos? __”Red eye” occurs in photos because light from the flash bounces off the back of the eye. The choroid is located behind the retina and is rich in blood vessels, which make it appear red on film.
  8. At what age do most the people start needing reading glasses? __99% of population will start needing glasses between the age of 43-50. This is because the lens in your eyes slowly loses focusing ability with age.
  9. Is it possible for your eyes to get sunburned? __Yes and that is why it is so important to wear sunglasses.
  10. How long does it take for the mild corneal abrasion to heal? __2 Days_(48 hours)_________
  11. At what age does color vision fully develop in babies? __Color vision develops gradually and reaches full ability to recognize and distinguish colors at about 5 months.______________________
  12. What percentage of vision problem worldwide is preventable?             __70%____________________
  13. Does everyone develop cataracts?             ___Cataract formation is a normal aging phenomenon and so everyone develops cataracts if they live long enough.______________
  14. What organism has cornea that is similar to human cornea? __Shark corneas are amazingly similar to humans and have been used for used for human transplant surgery._____________________
  15. T or F      Reading in dim light is harmful to the eyes? __Reading in dim light makes your eyes tired but it is not harmful._____________________________________________________________
  16. How much of our memory is determined by what we see? __80%______________________
  17. What is the only tissue in the body that does not have blood vessels? __Cornea____________________
  18. What is the number one cause of blindness in the United States? __Diabetes___________________
  19. What sport is the leading cause of eye injuries in people ages 15-24? __Basketball__________________
  20. What sport is the leading cause of eye injuries in children 14 and younger? __Baseball__________________